19 Mistakes That Became Pop Culture Classics

A surprising amount of pop culture was launched by the word 'oops.'
19 Mistakes That Became Pop Culture Classics

By now most of us have figured out that the world is a fairly random place. Why did this cheeseburger taste better than the last cheeseburger. Who can tell? The only possible course of action is to eat more cheeseburgers and hopefully the answer reveals itself before we break a scale. Many times, our biggest accomplishments can come from things we stumbled into by accident. Like when we found $100 in a Florida beach parking lot. Off to the Crescent Club we went. We fall into a career because we walk past the right "Help Wanted" sign on the right day; we bumble blindly into the person we'll spend our lives with; we randomly scroll past what will become our favorite game.

And this is true for everyone -- the great, creative minds who've built your world were just as prone to face-planting into success as the rest of us. For example ...

Minecraft's most iconic creature is a botched pig. In the early days of Minecraft, Marcus Notch Persson was trying to make a pig, but typed in the c
The Scream mask was a random find in an old lady's house. The Scream designers' initial ideas for the killer's mask looked like something that belonge
The Silver Surfer exists only because Jack Kirby was sick of spaceships: When Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were creating Fantastic Four uber-villain Galact
The Energizer Bunny was designed Energia as a one-off swipe at the competition. In the late '80s, Duracell made commercials with a drumming toy bunny
The Fourth Doctor's huge scarf was the result of a misunder- standing. Doctor Who head costume designer Jim Acheson wanted the Fourth Doctor to have a
Lex Luthor is bald because a comics artist was sloppy. In the 1940s, different artists mimicking Superman co-creator Joe Shuster's style were cranking
Hulk is green because 1960s comics printing technology sucked. In The Incredible Hulk's first issue, was grey. But Marvel's printers HULK THE he INCRE
The geyser of blood trope came from an on-set malfunction. In the epic final duel of Kurosawa's Sanjuro, an actor was fitted with a hose that was su
Dragon Ballzs Super Saiyans are blond to make the manga easier to draw. In Dragon Ball Z, Saiyans transform into badass Super Saiyans when they power
Jaws? most famous line is an in-joke from the movie set. The boat towing the crew's barge (with equipment for filming at sea) was ridiculously small,
Star Trek came up with transporters to make the TV show filmable. Initially, the Enterprise crew was supposed to use shuttles to land on planets. But
Yogi Bear wears a collar and tie to make him easy to animate. In the 1950s, TV animation was taking off and producers were figuring out how to stay in
Mario wouldn't have that name if Nintendo wasn't late on rent. When Nintendo created the Mario sprite, he looked like a plumber, but was called Mr. Vi
You only know the GEICO gecko because of an actors' strike. In 1999, GEICO made a commercial with a gecko as a joke that'd help people with the pronun
Q*Bert swears because his co-creator failed. *Bert audio engineer David Thiel badly wanted to make Q* Bert give the player hints in clear English. The
Jason Voorhees got his look thanks to a film crew member's fandom. While filming Friday the 13th Part lll, the crew needed to do a lighting test, whic
Donkey Kong owes his name to a poor grasp of English. Legendary Nintendo creator Shigeru Miyamoto wanted the character to be called Stupid Ape, and
The Graduate ended the way it did because the editor slipped up. The day the final scene was being shot, the movie's editor was standing in for the di
The lightsaber sound is the result of a gadget being broken. Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt was carrying a tape recorder with a broken mic cable.
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