22 Diseases That Are Way Weirder Than You Realize

Turns out diseases are way weirder than you think.
22 Diseases That Are Way Weirder Than You Realize

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There's a lot to be horrified about, when it comes to diseases. But there are also a lot of weird, lesser-known facts about diseases that are genuinely interesting. So we asked our readers to put on their not-at-all-bloodstained lab coats and tell us the most interesting, unknown facts about serious illnesses.

We gave cash prizes to our favorite facts. But first, the runners-up:

Cholera can make you produce up to 5 gallons of diarrhea per day. 5 gallons would fill this bucket to the brim. CRACKEDCON
Huntington's is a horrible hereditary disease that has no cure. It causes the progressive degradation of nerve cells in the brain, which deteriorates
The SPANISH FLU WASN'T SPANISH. During World War l, not one country in the Allied or Central Powers affected by the pandemic wanted to admit they were
Measles can wipe out the immune system's information about past diseases making the infected more vulnerable to common viruses and bacteria. CRACKED C
Alzheimer's disease impacts memory faster than emotions. A study has shown that people who suffer from Alzheimer's continue feeling sad or happy even
CRACKED ce Multiple sclerosis changes your breath. Exhaled breath contains a mix of volatile organic compounds, and an MS patient's mix is very differ
Anorexia Nervosa can actually make a person think slower.
CRACKEDOON People with a diagonal earlobe crease also known as Frank's sign may be at higher risk for coronary artery disease, periphelarovascular vas
Throughout history, the cure for scurvy (Vitamin C) was discovered, discredited, and discovered again. In the mid-19th century, citrus was found to be
Herpes may be unpleasant, but it allows you to emerge from bubonic plague unscathed. The virus helps your body fight off Yersinia Pestis, the bacteriu
CRACKED.OON In the Victorian Era, people with tuberculosis were associated with feminine beauty The disease made victims paler and skinnier, and gave
CRACKED People suffering from n-deficiency anemia may frequently experience fatigue and migraine. But this health condition also has its perks. Becaus
CRACKEDCON The Playboy Mansion hot tub was once responsible for a Legionnaire's disease outbreak affecting over 100 guests who attended a fundraising
Women with rheumatoid arthritis often find that their symptoms temporarily go away while they're pregnant, and researchers still have no idea why. CRA
There is an upside to malaria. Scientists have discovered that people who were infected with the malaria virus were less likely to succumb to Ebola an
The Bubonic Plague was once used by Mongols as a biological weapon against the Italians. nfldleseiurseypoibyluimobgp.liuy While besieging the fortress
Most people with Parkinson's experience hypomimia, where the facial muscles CRACKEDOON stiffen, causing them to have trouble changing expression by sm
CRACKEDCON You're unlikely to get Hansen's disease (more commonly known as leprosy), because 95% of people are naturally immune to it. Howeuer, accord
It's mostly people in Western countries who get heart disease, right? Nope. About 60% of all people diagnosed with heart disease live in India, which
CRACKED The left breast is 5% more likely to get cancer than the right. This is possibly because the left breast tends to be larger, and therefore has
Throughout history, syphillis went by many names in different countries, and it was mostly named after those countries' enemies. For example, the Fren
2nd-century Greek physician Galen invented the term gonorrhea. which means flow of seed, because he mistakenly thought that symptoms of penile dis
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