20 Bizarre Celebrity Quirks (And Why They're A Thing)

That famous person's gimmick may be there for a valid reason.
20 Bizarre Celebrity Quirks (And Why They're A Thing)

We tend to think of important personalities as larger-than-life figures. They become idols to whom we look up as beings who are more than ordinary because we forget who they truly are.

We have a tendency to ignore superstars' small idiosyncrasies and mannerisms. They are, however, visible upon closer inspection. They're everywhere, man. Cracked invited their fans to show us sides of celebrities we'd never seen before. You will never be able to unsee it once you have seen it. Some actors are noted for their eccentricities, which help them stand out and sometimes help them establish a fan base. We've compiled a list of some celebrities with strange idiosyncrasies, as well as the reasons for them.

Celebrities put a lot of effort into their public identities, which means they have a lot of eccentricities, both in terms of appearance and behavior. But there's sometimes a fascinating explanation for the characteristics they're best known for. Our readers looked into those explanations further. And, because that's our main peculiarity, we paid them cash for what they found.

Clint Eastwood squints because his eyes are sensitive to light. Shooting in bright light for the Fistful of Dollars trilogy only highlighted the effec
20 Bizarre Celebrity Quirks (And Why They're A Thing)
CRACKED.COM Christopher Walken dances a lot in his movies. That's because he started out as a dancer rather than an actor, and he tries to incorporate
Teller (of Penn & Teller) stays silent to troll hecklers. Early in his career, he realized that if you refuse to respond to loud drunks trying to inte
CRACKEDOON The scar on Joaquin Phoenix's mouth isn't from surgery to repair a cleft lip, but a birthmark.
U2 Frontman Bono wears glasses because he has glaucoma, a condition that can make eyes more sensitive to light. CRACKED.CO
True Blood's Deborah Ann Woll started dyeing her hair red to literally be more noticeable. As a light-skinned blonde and lifelong loner, she says she
I'm feeding the fish. Mr. Rogers made it a habit to say out loud when he was giving his finned friends food because he received a letter from a youn
CRACKED COM Harpo Marx, of the Marx Brothers, was always silent because he read a review which said that whenever he spoke, it ruined his great pantom
MORGAN FREEMAN'S EARRINGS ARE NOT JUST FOR SHOW. He says his earrings are valued enough to buy him a coffin just in case he dies somewhere in an unusu
Miles Teller got his scars from a car accident in college. He still has two little pieces of gravel embedded in his face, which would cause more scarr
Bill Nye wears bow ties because a long tie would be at risk of falling into his science experiments.
Jerry seinfeld wears sneakers because he idolized Bill Cosby and NFL player Joe Namath, who both wore distinctive white sneakers. CRACKED COM
Kurt Cobain invented Grunge fashion because he was broke. His mismatching outfits were mostly stuff he bought in thrift stores. CRACKEDcO COM
Si A guy randomly smashed once a beer glass in Jason Momoa's face, requiring 140 stitches and leaving him with his trademark scar. CRACKED CON
CRACKEDCe COM Emma Stone's distinctive husky voice is the result of colic she had as an infant. She says she screamed SO much during her first six mon
Jeff Goldblum, uh, stutters a lot. And it's all thanks to director Philip Kaufman. During the filming of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Kaufman heard
Ariana Grande has said her iconic high ponytail came from damaged hair. She explained how she dyed her hair red to play Catvalentine in Nickelodeon's
CRACKED COM Jonathan Frakes leans and sits funny, and that's not his ploy to gain the audience's attention. He used to move furniture before he became
Milo Ventimiglia has a crooked mouth because of dead nerves. ISION IO R MUSE LEVI RADI He didn't know about it until he saw himself in an interview wh
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