26 Hidden Gold Movie & TV Dialogue Moments


While we tend to agree that in many cases ignorance is bliss, sometimes the things you don't know actually make you miss a whole lot of “wow, that's genius” moments. Movies are full with tributes and hidden references that most of us just can know so we thought it's about time we show you some of them. After all, it's the small things that we know and other don't that makes us feel better about ourselves, and what's better than knowing abut gold moments in famous movies that know one else knows about?  

Long story short, there's an awful lot of dialog in movies and TV shows, and sometimes it goes by pretty fast. So we asked our readers to slow down, analyze, and replay examples of movie and TV lines with amazingly clever, impressive references that you might have missed.

Next time you watch, you can pretend you knew about them all along, and your dog will be super impressed.

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