26 Hidden Gold Movie & TV Dialogue Moments

It's possible Hollywood types are actually using those college degrees.
26 Hidden Gold Movie & TV Dialogue Moments

While we tend to agree that in many cases ignorance is bliss, sometimes the things you don't know actually make you miss a whole lot of “wow, that's genius” moments. Movies are full with tributes and hidden references that most of us just can know so we thought it's about time we show you some of them. After all, it's the small things that we know and other don't that makes us feel better about ourselves, and what's better than knowing abut gold moments in famous movies that know one else knows about?  

Long story short, there's an awful lot of dialog in movies and TV shows, and sometimes it goes by pretty fast. So we asked our readers to slow down, analyze, and replay examples of movie and TV lines with amazingly clever, impressive references that you might have missed.

Next time you watch, you can pretend you knew about them all along, and your dog will be super impressed.

26 Hidden Gold Movie & TV Dialogue Moments
CRACKEDOON In Girls Trip, Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith pause, stare, and nod at each Other after Tiffany Haddish's character says Come on b*
26 Hidden Gold Movie & TV Dialogue Moments
26 Hidden Gold Movie & TV Dialogue Moments
In the Simpsons episode Two Bad Neighbours, Grandpa Simpson says Grover Cleveland spanked me on two nonconsecutive occasions! It's a reference to
INDLOT In the Frasier episode Caught in the Act, Frasier's ex-wife Nanette (or 'Nanny Gee') is fed up with being a children's entertainer. They make
CRACKEDCO COM community In Season One's Comparative Religion Pierce says that Anthony Michael Hall's character, school bully Mike Chilada, used to
I am the master of my fate, says Barbossa in On Stranger Tides, when he's telling the tale of how he lost his leg. That's a line from Robert Henley'
Rick Morts Amd In the episode Lawnmower Dog, after the sentient dogs leave for their own world, Morty wonders what it will be like there. Rick respo
CRACKED COM scrubs AIl right Doctor Cox. Ridiculous name by the way. This line coming from most characters would just be a joke about Dr. Cox's name
In Rick and Morty S1E06, when Beth shoots a bunch of Cronenberg monsters with a shotgun, her husband Jerry says he wishes the shotgun was his penis. M
THE INCREDIBLES This scene with Frozone... (played by Samuel Jackson) 2004 I SAID FREEZE! 'HANOS SHAKING* I'M OUST GETTING A DRINK. slowly reachin
VETURE the Dean and Hank meet their birth mom, Myra, an ex- BROS: bodyguard past her prime and suffering from a mental break. While explaining to them
CRACKEDc COM In Get Out there's an announcement for Flight 237 which is a reference to the creepy room that's numbered 237 from The Shining.
At the end of The Nice Guys, the two leads toast, To the birds! It's a joke about part of the plot, and also a play on the actors' last names, Crowe
When Neo asks to be removed from the Matrix by saying, Mr. Wizard, get me the hell out of here, he's referencing a '60s cartoon called TOOTER TURTLE
MADMEN Right before Don punches him, insult comedian Jimmy Barrett says: CRAOA IF iT iSn't THE MAN IN THE GREY FLANNEL SUIT. BAAR GREGORY JENNFER FR
In Darkwing Duck, the hero proclaims, It's like the chicken says, Launchpad. I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. He's referring to fellow f
At the start of Iron Man, a reporter says Tony Stark's nickname is imerchant of death. Merchant of death is what the inventor of dynamite, Alfred
In the Rocko's Modern Life episode Wacky Delly, when the gang can't get film out of a camera in a dark room, Heffer suggestS they turn on the lights
The Simpsons: Season 10, episode 23, Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo Marge: Come on, Homer. Japan will be fun. You liked Rashomon. Homer: That's not ho
In Supernatural's Hollywood Babylon (S2E18), a tour guide announces that they have reached the set of Gilmore Girls and comments that if they're luc
us In the opening scene set in 1986 Santa Cruz, Adelaide's mom tells her that some people are filming something by the carousel'. HOT DOG That film
In Master and Commander, Jack Aubrey says he met Lord Nelson and describes him as a man of singular vision. Nelson could only see with one eye. CRAC
In the 2005 King Kong remake, Carl Denham suggests hiring an actress named Fay, only to be told that she's doing a picture with RKO. KING KONG Fay
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