Here's Why Hollywood Still Doesn't Get Diversity

How are we still so bad at this?
Here's Why Hollywood Still Doesn't Get Diversity

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Some people can't seem to stop fussing about how liberal Hollywood is -- which is weird, since that sort of mentality doesn't seem to translate to films. Because for as progressive as we like to imagine Tinsel Town is, the movies they put out show us a different, more depressing story.

We asked our readers to look into how people of color, women, and other underrepresented groups are doing, when it comes to entertainment. The short answer is: Not well.

While 2018 had a surprisingly large number of movies with female leads, BUMBLEBEE top of the a quarter films almost highest-grossing. Test. 100 the Be
aed ONK NoN Research has found that 40% of children's movies have at least one obese character that's disliked. Hollywood shouldn't condition children
In 2017 male writers, producers, and directors of the top hundred Hollywood films outnumbered their female counterparts nearly five to one. 82% Male 1
In 2019, only 25% of Oscar nominees (in non-acting categories) were women.
the office IPTAVALS It's a shame that two of the best sitcoms in recent memory didn't cast a Black woman in a regular role until their penultimate sea
Annie Kim Wu Mei Ben Chang Even though it was generally a pretty woke show, community definitely had a weird habit of relegating East Asian people to
The Marvel Cinematic Universe began in the supposedly enlightened 2008, CRauh Iron Man 2(2010) Iron Man Hulk (2008) (2008) The Captain Thor Avengers A
CRACKEDco COM Autistic movie characters almost always have incredible abilities. But real-life autistic people are no more likely to have incredible a
Despite the fact that nearly 1 in 5 people are disabled in the United States.... CRaN Only 2.5% of the characters in the top 100 movies from 2017 were
More and more shows try to have a diverse cast. The problem is, they cram all CRA the minorities into their token character. Jake Puckerman Dr. Robbin
IFRAKEIOOONT Transgender roles are majorly played by Cisgender* actors Benedict EILe Cumberbatch, Fanning, Zoolander 2 3 Generations (2016) (2015) Edd
The most popular fantasy TV show of the last decadewasseally was white. GAMEO THRONES Game of Thrones had exactly two upper-tier characters of color.
In 2018, it was calculated that 84% of the Academy Award voters were white.
Hollywood often represents mental disorders like OCD as a source of humor or a useful trait that makes characters better at their jobs. OBSESSIVE COMP
Out of the thousands of regular characters CRAUN on TV shows airing right now, two are asexual. OUT It isn't clear how common asexuality is, but the m
ORANGE is BLACK the new was one of the most diverse casts to ever be on TV. Women of color and the LGBTQ+ community were widely represented as well as
Out of 4403 speaking characters in movies made from 2014 to 2017... nnnivimnninin Only one was a transgender character. CRACKEDOON
Each of the 12 leading late night shows has a writing staff that contains more men than women. Including Samantha Bee's show.
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