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Most of us live in a bubble, these days, we get that. But some celebrities are so wildly out of touch with reality, it's like they live on an entire bubble planet. Surrounded by a ring of bubbles. In a bubble galaxy. That's really, really far away from the rest of us.

If you think we're overreacting to how the rich and famous live, take a look at these stories our readers found about celebrities who really, really need a reality check.

Entry by mkad

NANCY GRACE THINKS POT MAKES YOU A MURDERER. According to Grace, if someone commits a crime after smoking weed, it's because they smoked weed. People

Entry by Underdawg5

PAUL RYAN LIKES... UH... RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE? Ryan said once that he listened to Rage Against the Machine- which prompted Tom Morello, the band's

Entry by dritjon

PARIS HILTON HAS HAD A TOUGH LIFE, APPARENTLY. Hilton, born a millionaire, whose job has always been to be rich and famous for the camera, has gone on
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