15 Innovations That Were Banned For Being Too Innovative

15 Innovations That Were Banned For Being Too Innovative

We've talked about innovations on this site before, both good and bad. But sometimes there are instances when the good ones are too good.

Innovators are constantly coming up with better methods, better tools, and, ultimately, better lives for their field. However, there are some innovations that expose loopholes or break the established systems so badly that many cry foul and ban them for being way too effective. After all, no one likes an overachiever.

Mankind was built on the concept of trying to get an edge over the competition, whether it’s developing an inhaler that can enhance anyone’s lung performance, a champion-level robot fighter, or a technique that dominates Super Smash Bros. tournaments. Competition breeds innovation, but sometimes innovation shatters and maims the competition so badly that we empathize with it and donate to its GoFundMe.

Let’s take a look at a handful of amazing innovations that were taken out for being too effective.

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