Secrets About What You Watch That You'll Take To The Grave

Confession time. What have you only been pretending to watch?
Secrets About What You Watch That You'll Take To The Grave

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People are really vested in their viewing habits, and there's a ton of free-floating pressure in the zeitgeist about which movies and shows to consume. Which has the weird side-effect of making all of us feel ashamed about our viewing choices, when they don't conform.

But one day PJ7 got tired of all that side-eye and asked our plasticians to air out their own dirty little viewing secrets. Now we're all free.

Even though it's a classic, I've never watched JaWs. So, I wind up nodding along Whenever someone mentions it because I'm too embarrassed to admit I h
CRACKEDC COM 8 When I'm on vacation and in a motel room without Netflix, Hulu, or my media collection, the only showl wind up excited to watch is TEEN
Istraight-upcan'trecall the last Show that actively watched without spending half of it farting around on my phone, laptop, or 3DS.
CRACKED COM C SUITS 01 Ii I enjoy the process of scrolling through Netflix (and watching those little snippets) more than watching an actual movie or
only way can The a horror flickis enjoy it through to watch my phone. CRACKED.COM
There's SO much varied content on YouTube... ...sO why do I always gravitate towards viewing old toy cars being cleaned and resprayed? It's just U SO
I justify my guilty pleasure of watching REALITY T.V. SHOWS the simple life ALLNEW NOV H TUESDAYS 8:30/7:30c catfish DEMAND VOICE! THE TV SHOW locke c
CRACKEDc COM I am one of those 'monsters' who has no problem pausing a film halfway and then continues watching another day. DI
I like to give movies I've seen a million times the MST3K treatment. You talkin' to me?! You're talking to you! I'm just sittin' here. Mostly when I'm
Secrets About What You Watch That You'll Take To The Grave
When it comes to movies based on books, I always condescendingly tell people I've read the books. TKITOGY CLASSIC -SLING the KEST OF MOTONPICTERE FPIL
I WATCH MOVIES AT X2 OR EVEN X4 SPEEDS, BECAUSE OTHERWISE I GET BORED. 00:38 03:24 4 E ilt C 11296 1.33x 00:38/03:24 40 1x I follow the plot using the
I hate to admit it, but my enjoyment of a movie is decided purely by the freshness of the popcorn I am munching on. opge So, yeah. I better not become
I keep watching shows I don't like anymore... just So I can complain about them on the internet.
I hate Star Wars. I've made it my mission to boast about Star Trek whenever the discussion about Star Wars comes up. I praise it and even want to buy
I don't watch movies that were made more than fifteen years ago. There's a number of classic films I've never seen and probably never will
I'VE SEEN EVERY EPISODE OF CIFILES TWICE. My wife is worried that I might be a closet serial killer, since I can't watch the news without saying, The
CRACKEDcO CON I'll often spend hours watching reviews and analyses of films I have absolutely no interest in actually seeing.
Dwayne The Rock' Johnson is a cool guy, but I just can't bring myself to watch any movies starring him. Nothing personal against the guy, but his per
Most of my friends can quote endless lines from their favorite movies. I can barely remember the plot 5 minutes after watching anything. CRACKEDOON
I don't just watch this (must not be named) show... I binge-watch it. KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS But not without closing all my windows and locki
I have Patreon pledges and Youtube subscriptions to dozens of great content creators, but I rarely actually watch their stuff. If a video is longer th
Everyone seems to have seen the Horly PoteR movies at some point. I know nothing about them, aside from the actors. So I've read all the reviews of th
CRAOT I've only seen the first and last seasons of Game Of Thrones. GAME OF HRONES YOU WIN OR YoU DIE ES EPICNEW SERLES HBO SUNDAY APIL 17. OPA I stop
I've never made it through The Nightmare Before Christmas. I fell asleep trying to watch it in the theater and it never keeps my attention when it com
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