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People are really vested in their viewing habits, and there's a ton of free-floating pressure in the zeitgeist about which movies and shows to consume. Which has the weird side-effect of making all of us feel ashamed about our viewing choices, when they don't conform.

But one day PJ7 got tired of all that side-eye and asked our plasticians to air out their own dirty little viewing secrets. Now we're all free.

Entry by Stu Edwards

There's SO much varied content on YouTube... ...sO why do I always gravitate towards viewing old toy cars being cleaned and resprayed? It's just U SO

Entry by Scott Laffey

I'VE SEEN EVERY EPISODE OF CIFILES TWICE. My wife is worried that I might be a closet serial killer, since I can't watch the news without saying, The

Entry by Erin Willis

Most of my friends can quote endless lines from their favorite movies. I can barely remember the plot 5 minutes after watching anything. CRACKEDOON

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

Everyone seems to have seen the Horly PoteR movies at some point. I know nothing about them, aside from the actors. So I've read all the reviews of th

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