25 Distracting Things In Movies And TV Shows

25 Distracting Things In Movies And TV Shows

Whenever you watch a movie or a television show, you are making a social contract between you and the piece of entertainment. Yes, what you are seeing isn't real and is prone to hyperbole and tropes. Many of these plot choices, dialogue exchanges, and other story bits are done for the sake of time, money, and ability to keep things interesting without being bogged by reality. However, there are some of these plot contrivances, overused bits of dialogue, leaps of logic, and other such things that take you out of your viewing and make you cry foul.

Like whenever a character says there's “no time to explain” when one or two sentences could be uttered for context. Or when you're watching a “relatable” sitcom featuring characters with minimum wage jobs that live in lavish apartments. Then there are the times when you blatantly see a character drink from a Coke can with the logo clearly seen for camera.

Here's a compiled list of such annoyances from film and TV that cause us to break away from our enjoyment.

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