How These 29 Celebs Lost You As A Fan, Forever

Is anyone capable of living up to our expectations?
How These 29 Celebs Lost You As A Fan, Forever

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Even the most cynical among us have celebrities we stan, hard. And we're not ones to give out our devotion easily. Which is what makes it all the more brutal when that celebrity crosses a line.

And then we break out our personal "cancel" stamp, because of things like ...

I had mad respect for Jay-Z until I heard that he'd cheated on his wife. I know, I know; he's only human. But how the hell do you cheat on bloody Beyo
I was a long-time fan of Terry Crews, until I learned about his hardline anti-porn stance. Women, you need to be fearless. You need to confront your
ITR! I used to absolutely love Jeffrey Tambor for being so funny and intense... AMAZON ORIGINAL SERLES TRANSPARENT but now I blame him for the cancell
Jim Carrey CRACKEDcO was one of those actors who I thought could do it all. Until I followed him on Twitter and saw him peddling fallacies about toxin
CRACKEDCO I was a huge fan of Aaron Eckhart's until he shared that he'd gone to a support group for grieving parents to bump up his acting skills. The
I really used to like Kanye West, up until he LABAMRRRICA AGAIN CRRAR put on that hat. Well, you know why. CRACKEDCON
Growing up, I thought Gene Simmons was the coolest guy On the planet... Until I heard his opinion on mental health and suicide: For a putz, 20-year-o
CRACKEDcO I used to love JACHIE HAn because of his stunt work. But I had no idea how fervently he supports the Chinese Communist Party. Despite being
In CRACKEDCON 2011, Markus Notch Persson was the creator of one of the greatest video ames ever, a hero to nerds everywhere. Selling Minecraft must
I used to be a big fan of Ronda Rousey CRAH until E discovered her transphobic remarks. She can try hormones, chop her pecker off but it's still the
CRACKEDCO COM I used to think Reese Witherspoon was sweet, like most of the characters she plays. My opinion changed since she had a drunken rant when
A normal infidelity scandal isn't enough to sour me on an artist's entire body of work. What made Joss Whedon's worse than normal is the fact that he
CRACKED c COM I used to binge on Tony Robbins' motivational books... ...until he started blaming the #MeToo movement for making it harder for male CEO
I used to love Laura Prepon, from Orange Is The New Black Then I read how enthusiastically she talked about Scientology, including about stuff like P
I liked Will Smith, until After Earth, in which he plays an abusive a-hole of a father. Something about the son being played by his real son Jaden mak
CRACKED.CON I was a fan of everything James Woods has ever done. Until I saw how full of hate his heart is. Conservative views are fine. But Woods' op
David Bowie is one of the greatest artists of all time, but when I found out he had sex with an underage girl, I couldn't enjoy him anymore. The cultu
I didn't like some of George Lucas' creative decisions, but always thought he was a decent person. That changed when he banned Darth CRAO Vader actor
Josh Brolin is g great actor, whether he's playing a hero, a villain, or an antihero. But he was too good in Milk. He played the role SO well that I c
Chevy Chase was one of my favorite comedic actors for a long time, but I can't take him seriously after hearing that he threw around the n-word on the
I used to think Steve Harvey was this good, incisive guy. I saw him on more than one occasion say that atheists have no moral barometer. I didn't ag
I CRACKEDC was a fan of Barry Sanders, until he quit the NFL. Sanders was an inspiration to watch and I believe he would have been the NFL'S all-time
CRACKEDCON Jared Padalecki's kind and empathetic Sam Winchester from Supernatural led me to (foolishly) believe that he behaves like his character in
George R.R. Martin had been one of my favorites, but when he said fan fiction is a lazy way out, I was a bit peeved. It may be just his opinion, but
I loved Dave Chappelle's stand up routine, he's one of my favorite comedians and he seemed like a nice guy all around. I was shocked, however, by his
Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa, lost my adoration the moment she said that she hated CILANTRO. That's just HERESY in my book. CRACKEDOON
IE followed Leonardo DiCaprio's career closely, until he won an Oscar. CRACKED.COM He's a fine actor and he deserved the award, but E cared more about
Oused CRACKED O to love Ariana Grande. When she broke off her engagement to Pete Davidson, he joked about it on a promo for SNL. She seemingly slammed
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