23 Unintentionally Funny Movie/TV Scenes

23 Unintentionally Funny Movie/TV Scenes

You ever do or create something that you thought was going to be taken one way, only to find out the world saw it differently? Sometimes, you don't wind up with egg on your face, you wind up with it all over your body. And your red face burns through all the yolk, making it into scrambled eggs, which look just really weird on your face.

Anyway, movies and shows are no different: they love to create big, dramatic moments, deliberately crafted for the feels. The thing is, sometimes those huge dramatic moments turn out to be inadvertently hilarious, when viewers actually clap their eyes on them. And since a movie or show can't have egg on its face we mentally put it there with a snicker or an outright belly laugh.

We asked our image artists to show us dramatic cinematic moments that left them amused, instead of awestruck. And boy, did they pull it off.

Entry by Ruyc

Meet the Sardaukar: the ultimate military force in the Dune miniseries, loyal to the Emperor ot the universe. No, really, these guys are supposed to b
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