14 Times Crooks Escaped ... With (Accidental) Police Help

Turns out Wiggum moments are disappointingly common.
14 Times Crooks Escaped ... With (Accidental) Police Help

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Some criminals are smart, some are lucky, and some succeed due to ridiculously incompetent behavior by the police. We're here to talk to you about that third thing. As it turns out, a startling amount of the time, the cops bungle their jobs so hard that Otis becomes Lex Luthor.

A criminal labeled as 'dangerous' got released after his accomplices sent a false document demanding his release using a fax machine in a grocery stor
14 Times Crooks Escaped ... With (Accidental) Police Help
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police were closing in on notorious child molester Ernest Fenwick Maclntosh, So they called him and left a message. Maclnto
In June 1977 Ted Bundy served as his own defence lawyer in a murder case against him. He was allowed to walk without handcuffs or shackles. He was als
Jhon Gutierrez Rincon and Olmedo Vargas escaped from a maximum security prison in Columbia by getting one of the guards drunk. INPEC INPEC EPAMSCAS BO
It was local due diligence and sheer luck that put Charles Manson and his family behind bars. A 10-year-old boy the The police found gun vital used
Wanted hacker Kevin Mitnick stayed a fugitive from the FBI for two and half a years... CRAGK partly because FBI agents made regular phone calls, and h
CRACKED COM Kevin Jerome Pullum escaped prison using Eddie Murphy's picture He had an elaborate escape plan, but for that, he needed a picture for his
NOO Paul Bernardo was free to rape four girls and kill two others because the police somehow overlooked testing his DNA. Due to a link with rape cases
James Muth (who was arrested for assault with his bail set at $50,000) fled after he was mistakenly freed from the Boyd County jail in Kentucky. While
CRACKED.COM During a manhunt for Christopher Dorner, a former police officer who went on a killing spree after he was fired, the LAPD shot up two diff
Serial killer Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker, was once pulled over by a police Officer when he was speeding away from a crime scene in a stolen
Sean Sykes, Jr: got out of interrogation because his farts were too mighty for the detective to handle.. After being found in a car with a backpack th
Some Liverpool police officers literally let Craig Clamp -- who was under arrest walk away from the hospital without a hassle. He was taken there unde
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