15 Celebrity Absurdly Over-The-Top Parties

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It's no secret that the rich and famous party their butts off. But there's "party your butt off" and then there's "party your butt off, pick it up, then do some rad tricks with it." Which is what celebrities do.

We asked readers to find us famous people who fall into the second category

Entry by Andrea Meno

At his mom's 90th birthday party, Richard Branson and his male relatives did a Chippendales-like dance on stage. It ended with them stripping down to

Sir Elton John celebrated his 50th birthday by throwing a masquerade ball for 600 celebrities. His Louis XIV wig and costume were so huge that he had

Entry by PollyDarton

HEIDI KLUM TAO FEDN DIVT TAO TAU KUMT VENETIAN throws an extravagant annual Halloween party, TAO the centerpiece being HEIN KIIMT VeNCTian her elabora


Pop singer Adele celebrated her 30th birthday party by throwing a Titanic- themed bash. The singer, who is obsessed with the movie, threw an opulent b

Entry by Chan Teik Onn

Saturday Night Live's 40th Anniversary after-party had a bunch of big names live jamming on stage. Highlights of the night: - Paul McCartney performin

Entry by PookieJones

In 1966, Truman Capote threw the Black and White Ball, which his 540 The party was so epic closest celebrity that an friends entire book spawned atten

Entry by arvind97

CRACKED cO Katy Perry threw a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed party for her 25th birthday and asked everyone to wear white. Later it turned


CRACKED C COM 4SSy YAJ Kylie Jenner hosted a ridiculous amusement park-themed first birthday party for her daughter, Stormi Webster. The party was ful

Entry by Andrea Meno

On a Las Vegas bender, Prince Harry met Ryan Lochte and asked to swim race him. Lochte said yes, so they jumped into a pool with their clothes on and

Entry by Ann Jimenez

CRaCKED.co Mariah Carey threw a costume party where guests dressed as... Mariah Carey... OK..


Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton held a star-studded carnivalb themed bash for his 32nd birthday. Guests like RuPaul and Liza Minnelli attended the lavi

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

When Miley Cyrus threw her 22nd birthday party in 2014, it featured a mechanical penis ride and a huge pizza cake. Classic Miley. She previously had a

Entry by arvind97

Beyonce threw a New OrLeans style o masqucrade for Her mom's 6OtA irthday. Guests wore masks and accived via Horsc-drawn carciages ocing Heralded Oy a


When revolutionary French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent released his new perfume, Opium, in 1977, the party he hosted was SO decadent and opulen

Entry by sesu

Paris Hilton's 21st birthday party lasted five days ...on three different continents! When Paris celebrated her birthday in 2002. things got out of ha