21 Sneaky Insults That Sailed Right Over People's Heads

Sometimes, the best jokes are the ones you never realized were actually jokes.
21 Sneaky Insults That Sailed Right Over People's Heads

Sometimes, the greatest satire happens when no one actually realizes what you made is supposed to be satirical. And, in fact, it happens a lot more often than you think. Creators are sneaky, sneaky people - have a gander at the creative ways they let people, places and things have it in their work.


Everyone loves to hate Biff Tannen. He was essentially the BTTF tearn's revenge puppet. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale were the creative team behind a n
Gilderoy Lockhart is a foppish moron. He was written to rake fun of a real person. Lockhart is based on a man J.K. Rowling knew and despised, who was
Coyote/I Road Runner cartoons were a staple of Saturday morning TV. They were created as satire. In 1949, chase cartoons were something of a trope. An
Naked Came The Stranger was a bestseller. ked uT Came Came The Strange The by Penelope Ashe It was written as a parody. In 1966, Newsday reporter Mike
Invader Zim had a test subject named Nick. CHEN 1o Nick was short for Nickelodeon. Creator Jhonen Vasquez wanted Invader Zim to be very dark. Nickelod
In 1991, the Beer Lovers' Party took 16 seats in Poland's parliament. o0 Dut the party was a literal joke. Polish satirist Janusz Rewinski decided tha
The song Valley Girl perfectly captured' '80s slang. That slang was rnade up on the spot as an insult. The spoken parts of the song were improvised
In the 1920s, paintings by Pavel Jerdanowitch fetched a small fortune. There was no pavel Jerdanowitch. In 1924, a struggling novelist named Paul Jord
In The Dead Pool, Molly Fisher is brutally killed. She's a shoutout to a filr critic. Critic Pauline Kael called Dirty Harry fascist, pro-violence, p
The Walter Scott was a steamboat in Huckleberry Finn. It was narned that as an insult. Author Mark Twain thought Sir Walter Scott's novels glorified w
According to the original Hitchhiker's Guide, The worst poet in the universe is Paul Neil Milne Johnstone of Redbridge. That's a real guy. Johnstone i
Scott and Melinda Tucker were the villains in a CSI episode. They were a dig at Sore realtors. One of the producers had worked with real estate agents
Goldfinger is the quintessential Bond villain. And a real-life architect. Author lan Fleming butted heads with architect Erno Goldfinger when Goldfing
Dolores Umbridge is a sadistic Harry Potter character. She's a parody of a reat person. The character is based on a real teacher that J.K. Rowling did
Raymond Burr played the killer in Rear Window. And he's an fyou frorn Hitchcock. Director Alfred Hitchcock hated working with producer David O. Selzni
Yankee Doodle' is a patriotic American staple. vagney But it was written as a joke. The song is generally attributed to a British army physician nam
The Cask Of Amontillado is one of Poe's darkest tales. Poe wrote it to burn his rival. A writer named Thomas Dunn English took a swipe at Edgar Alla
The hero in Willow must defeat a two- headed dragon. It's narned after Siskel and Ebert. Willow is a George Lucas film, and Lucas decided the two-head
In 1944, a poetry journal dedicated an issue to Ern Malley. 1944 AutumnNumber to Commemorate the Australian Poet Ern Malley Ern Nlalley never existed.
A credits scene from Dodgeball features a fat, ranting Ben Stiller. RIN CNUNCW So He's speaking for the director. Rawson Marshall Thurber wanted the u
Graffiti artists were asked to decorate the Homeland set. obell nV KO6 So they wrote Horoneland iS racist. Producers of the series, which is notorio
Schrodinger's cat is a famous thought experiment. Schrodinger was rocking the idea. The paradox is that a cat who is sealed in a box with poison is bo

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