19 Good Intentions (That Turn Out Unintentionally Terrible)

Instead of doing or saying that super-helpful thing, allow us to recommend NOT doing it.
19 Good Intentions (That Turn Out Unintentionally Terrible)

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Despite people being the absolute worst on the internet, in real life, people have a tendency to sugarcoat things. And maybe they should act a little garbage-y, because a lot of the behavior we consider "nice" is just spectacularly unhelpful.

For example ...

Standing behind me and doing this while I'm trying to parallel park DOES NOT HEL.P. Parallel parking is stressful enough without it becoming a spectat
Bro, you're stressed. Iknow you don't always puff, but this Fluffer Nutter strain is just what you need! I'm sincerely happy for you that you like can
LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, IT COULD BE WORSE! Also means: I know you're sad now, but you could be sad in a worse situation, too. Feel better now?
I'll get the door for you. But I'm 15 feet away, SO now I have to awkwardly run. Thanks. CRACKEDCON
OYOOYARYD CRACKEDOON You're So pretty for a plus-size woman! I know you think that's a compliment, but it's just subtle fat-shaming.
When I've just gone through a break up and friend a says, I knew . I know you mean well, but I'd rather trust my doctor with my recovery. Suggesting a cure for any conditi
'There are ot ther fish in the sea! Well, of course there are. But I really liked that one particular fish. Also, why are we referring to the person
CRACKEDC CON Tomorrow, everything will be just fine. Perhaps. But it's not tomorrow. I'm dealing with today.
CRACKEDOOM Things happen for a reason. Well, some things are just random, and carry no deeper meaning at all.
Don't tell me not to cry over spilled milk unless you are going to clean up the mess I made. CRACKEDCON
Telling me not to worry does not make me stop worrying. It actually gives me more to worry about because then I worry that I am worried when maybe I s
When a friend loses a loued one, it can be hard to know what to say. But silence and a hug is better than bombarding them with questions like, Were y
You have So much natural The world is your oyster! It's supposed to be encouraging, but it really creates a sense of obligation and pressure. As if
CRACKEDCON HI, I CAN HELP YOU CARRY SOME OF THOSE! PLEASE, NO! They are perfectly balanced right now, and if you take one, will literally drop all o
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