15 Celebs With Terrible Life Advice

Maybe just avoid the advice of anyone called an ‘influencer’ as a general rule.
15 Celebs With Terrible Life Advice

Celebrities - we love'em til we don't. Then we chew them up and spit them out. And that usually doesn't happen by accident or in a vacuum. Something happens - they either say or do something silly or stupid, and we turn on them. And then we feel bad, oh, wait – no we don’t.

Don't get us wrong: celebrities are good for some things. They entertain us, they sometimes use their oodles of money for the good of others. And they populate Hollywood. Who else would live there?

What they're not good at is giving useful advice. You should count on more trusted sources for life advice than the star of the Mission Impossible movies. 

Honestly, it’s really not the celebs fault all the time -- being well-informed definitely isn't in their job description. Famous people can hardly be blamed when some dumb thing they say goes viral, and people take it seriously.

Things like ...

CRACKED.COM Avril Lavigne's best advice for getting the man of your dreams is to just sort of wait for him to take all the initiative. Men like a cha
CRACKEDC COM Tiffany Haddish claims that the TURPENTM URPENTINE government doesn't APENTINE NOA PREGIWNS PURE GUM SPIRITS 0 want you to know about
CRACKED c Miley Cyrus wants you to go gluten free. She thinks that a gluten free diet boosts physical and mental health. Science says otherwise- a glu
CRAORPDCOIN Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo said on an episode of Ellen that women should get a pelvic ultrasound to detect ovarian cancer. The probl
Celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Demi Lovato have taken to Instagram to promote detox teas. GRA They're supposed to make you look skinny and amazing.
Shailene Woodley recommended eating clay as a means of cleaning out heavy metal toxins out of the body. ...Clay is great for you because your body do
Miranda Kerr loves leech facials. They work this way: leeches suck blood from your face, then you smear the blood around. I think that leech facials
Sean Connery suggests that it's totally fine to hit women (just not as hard as you hit men). In a notorious 1965 interview with Playboy Connery said
Martha Stewart told her daughter that, if her husband is rich but ugly, she shouldn't have his kid. Stewart said she should have a hot guy's kid and r
TV star Kristin Cavallari recommends using goat's milk to feedd babies instead of store-bought baby milk. However, doctors wann against following her
For Kim Kardashian, being pregnant is totally out of style. Her fashion tip is Never leave the house. Wear a huge blanket. CRACKEDOON
Patti Stanger, star of The Millionaire Matchmaker, gives some amazing dating advice... if you Live in the 1950s. Men should always pay for dates. Wome
Suffering from post-partum depression? Tom Cruise says you need vitamins and exercise. And you should never ever take anti-depressants for it, he says
Got into a big fight with your boyfriend? Gwyneth Paltrow advises you to bury your anger... and then give him a blowjob. CRACKED COM


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