15 Celebs With Terrible Life Advice

15 Celebs With Terrible Life Advice

Celebrities - we love'em til we don't. Then we chew them up and spit them out. And that usually doesn't happen by accident or in a vacuum. Something happens - they either say or do something silly or stupid, and we turn on them. And then we feel bad, oh, wait – no we don’t.

Don't get us wrong: celebrities are good for some things. They entertain us, they sometimes use their oodles of money for the good of others. And they populate Hollywood. Who else would live there?

What they're not good at is giving useful advice. You should count on more trusted sources for life advice than the star of the Mission Impossible movies. 

Honestly, it’s really not the celebs fault all the time -- being well-informed definitely isn't in their job description. Famous people can hardly be blamed when some dumb thing they say goes viral, and people take it seriously.

Things like ...


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