Ridiculous Holiday Traditions Your Weird Family Celebrates

Realizing what weirdos your relatives are is a holiday tradition.
Ridiculous Holiday Traditions Your Weird Family Celebrates

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Everyone grows up assuming that their family is typical, and the holidays are no exception. We all think that the way we celebrate various observances is what everyone does, and it's not until we compare notes with other human beings that we realize how bizarre our celebrations have been, to date.

Following are examples of weird holiday rituals that our readers practice, that they grew up thinking were typical. Not that they've stopped doing them, or anything. Traditions are traditions.

My dad insists We do 100% of OUr Christmas shopping on Christmas eve (and late). He likes it that Way because We have to make fast decisions and can't
A lame gift became my familys CHRISTMAS OBSESSION. One year, my frugal brother gave out keychains he had -E (0003 gotten for free from a local auto
CRACKED.cO Every Christmas, we give our old socks to Mom in exchange for new socks.
My family would always gather at my aunt's house on Christmas Eve, where there was always a feast of Greek foods to chow down on. Which I always found
You know Elf on the Shelf... my family used to do Head on the Bed for Halloween. I didn't enjoy it. CRACKED.COM
My family puts rubber spiders in our Xmas tree because of an old story about spiders making tinsel out of webs. GRAU
My mother insisted I begin all my letters to Santa with: DEAR MR. CLAUS. She claimed it was rude to address an adult by his first name. I became the
CRACKED cO COM NI Ei HLUA KAHLUA A. On my first Christmas with my new in-laws I was blown away by their annual tradition: Staying up until 2:00AM drin
Everyone wants to find their chocolate bunny on Easter. Not US. Instead we look for our money apples' apples hollowed out and stuffed with bills and c
My husband and his family have lots of traditions for December holidays, but the weirdest has to be to throw money in the street on New Year's Eve. Ac
Ever since we met, IORD my wife and I ped KRD RINS RINS RINGS watch the LOTR TURNEKNG RAUNLIG Trilogy on Christmas Eve Srn and Christmas Day. Our 4-ye
On Christmas Eve, my dad would make piles of chocolate covered raisins in the snow. Christmas day, my brother and I would go outside and find the rein
Chef Boyardee ravioli was always part of our Thanksgiving spread. It started when a snowstorm took out CRACKED.COM our power one year and we had to ma
When I was a child, my parents made up this rule where everyone in the family would have to postpone their birthday celebrations until Christmas Eve.
My family loves the holidays, BUT we are not quite over Halloween before the season starts. So every year, we dress up one of our many Halloween props
We left beer out for Santa, instead of milk and cookies. My dad said Santa liked to have a nice cold one after delivering presents.
In my family, swearing is strictly prohibited on New Year's Eve. We are only allowed to do SO after the clock strikes twelve. CRACKED COM
It just wouldn't be Christmas without my dad's morbid and inappropriate gingerbread men CActual pictures)


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