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You'd think writers and musicians would be delighted to see their work adapted for the big and medium-sized screen. It's a fresh take, and they get lots of fame and money. But as it turns out, sometimes creative types are absolutely horrified by what Hollywood does with their work. And there are tears. Just so many tears.

Entry by Andrea Meno

Ira Gershwin called 1959's Porgy and Bess movie 'a piece of sh*lt. SAMUEL GOLDWYN presents GERSHWIN'S MASTERPIECE POROY BESS AND GERSHW SONG SIDNEY

Entry by Kevin King

Colleen McCullough declared that The Thorn Birds TV adaptation is instant vomit. Despite being the second most watched miniseries in TV history, the

Entry by PollyDarton

Bret Easton Ellis found 1987's Less Than Zero movie to be less than thrilling. As a young writer he was excited to see his first book adapted, but yea

Entry by carpdonut

QUEEN DAMNED OF THE DAMNED Author Anne Rice begged the studio not to make the movie, knowing it wasn't what her fans wanted. She later added that it k

Entry by PookieJones

Michael Ende, the author of The Neverending Story, called the movie adaptation The makers revolting, and of the film demanded that simply did not und

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