20 Famous Events With Surprisingly Weird Aftermaths

20 Famous Events With Surprisingly Weird Aftermaths

For every every action comes a reaction. This isn't just in science but also in history. One big event leaves an impact that spawns yet another. Historical events have well-known consequences. That's what makes them historical and memorable. The thing is, for every widely-known tragic or inspiring outcome, there are countless smaller ripples that go largely forgotten. It's the butterfly effect, only instead of a butterfly flapping its wings in once place to cause a tornado elsewhere it's global warming opening new ecologically friendlier trading routes.

It can surprise you how often a destructive event or realization can forge a new way of living or a new innovation once it has done. Much of history is made by the breakers as much as the makers. Our Cracked plasticians are here to set the record straight about the truly weird, surprising outcomes from events that made the headlines or the history books.

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