21 Celebs With Eyebrow-Arching Quirks

Trust us, famous people are even nuttier than you thought.
21 Celebs With Eyebrow-Arching Quirks

Celebrities are kooky people, everyone gets that. The thing is, their eccentricity sometimes goes way, way deeper than people realize. All that weird stuff you already know about is just the tip of the iceberg.

Don't believe us? Well ...

Steven Tyler has a necklace made of raccoon teeth. As a kid, the Aerosmith singer had a pet raccoon named Bandit that he carried on his shoulder and b
Katy Perry keeps other celebs' locks of hair. When she met Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift she asked for a lock of hair from each of them. She then put a
Mike Tyson loves pigeons SO much, he attends pigeon pageants. As a part of the opening, he released 100 of his white pigeons in the National Pigeon As
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Jason Segel has a house full of puppeTS. He's been collecting puppets since childhood and even has a Muppet of himself. CRACKED.COM
Jay-Z is crazy about number 4. In fact, he likes the number SO much he created a personal challenge to go vegan for 22 days (2+2=4) a day before his 4
Scott Foley mixes peanut butter with his scrambled eggs. The actor claims that it's a family thing. CRACKED COM
CRACKEDCOMT 2 3 4 5 6 7 Shigeru Miyamoto, 8 Nintendo's video game designer, enjoys 9 guessing the length of 10 random objects and then measuring them
Marlon Brando would spend hours and hours watching ants walk up and down his sink. CRACKED COM
Hugh Hefner was an avid scrapbooker. Hef's massive collection meticulously chronicled his life. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for most
JERRY LEWIS as Nutity the ProFessor 50 thANNIVERSARY Jerry Lewis, the original Nutty Professor, was a little nutty on the subject of socks. He put on
CRACKED.COM DEMI MOORE owns so many dolls, she hired a curator to maintain the collection. The actress owns thousands of dolls by NIADA artists, as we
CRACKED Cage only eats Nicolas that have animals mating habits. dignified
Dolly Parton is covered in tattoos. Getting them to cover scars on her torso and arms, the tattoos are all pastel flowers and butterflies. Dolly likes
CRACKED CONT The regal and seemingly normal Prince Charles admitted in an interview that he regularly has conversations with plants.
Chris Pratt collects dead bugs. His collection led to his marriage to Anna Faris- she also collected them, and they had instant chemistry. CRACKED.COM
On prominent display in his home, Quentin Tarantino built a shrine to John Travolta using vintage T and movie memorabilia. PiLp FICTION WELCOME BACK X
Warren Buffett eats like a six- year old. He loves eating junk food for breakfast and drinks at least five 12-ounce servings of Coke every day. ca-Col
GHANDI WAS OBSESSED WITH POOP. His daily greeting to his female followers was: Have you had a good bowel movement this morning, sisters? If they had n
KRISTIN CHENOWETH HOARDS QUARTERS. And sanitizes them. NIWI Purell ADVANCED 188314 The award-winning actress and singer says she's obsessed with savin
E W THE Kurt Vonnegut was a TCheers fanboy. He was SO crazy about it he once said But I would rather have written Cheers rather than anythingl I've W
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