33 Useful Words the English Language Needs to Add


The English language is a funny thing. While we're able to perfectly communicate with other speakers, we can still find ourselves at a loss for the perfect word to get our point across. Thankfully, our readers have stepped up to the plate to fill in the blanks and we gave moistery cash to the winner.

Entry by j21

zeitgaffe CRACKED COM A cultural reference that is sufficiently inaccurate or outdated to demonstrate that the maker of the reference is out-of-touch

Entry by j21

Re: Obammacare is kiling the nation and is suck!!! and not only that lol but hes going to sell Us out to the french you know its alreddy hapening and

Entry by jkazz

CRACKEDGOM AN a S D Z (n3- C Keyjam The dirt, grime, and gunk found in between the keys of a keyboard

Entry by gingajpv

Greatsgusting: You knew it was disgusting but you ate it anyway. And it was delicious.


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