16 Berserker Realities Of Everyday Products


Look, we know that the things we use every day aren't manufactured by elves and gnomes deep below the surface of the earth. (At least we do as three days ago.) But still, there are some pretty crazy processes involved in these products. Our readers put their Google-fu to work and brought out the most insane, and we gave $200 to the winner ...

Entry by lauster

CRACKED COM It takes 686 gallons of water to make 1 gallon OF tasty beer-

Entry by John E.

The process of attaching hairs to a net foundation to make a custom made wig is called ventilating. A wigmaker can only attach hair a few... Sc Sc str

There are FOUR contests for you to choose from. Click on the prompt that catches your fancy, and post your entry in the thread, or submit to all four and quadruple your chances of becoming rich and famous. Photoplasty winner gets 10,000 pennies; image macro winner gets 20,000!

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