29 Movie Adaptations That Left Out The Wildest Stuff


We like to roll our eyes at the whole "the movie will never be better than the source material," stuff. But, as our readers' research shows, it turns out that sentiment is absolutely true. $200 went to the best find ...

Entry by rj23

CRACKED COM In the finale of the Hunger Games. these VICIOUS dog- IIKE beasts were sent to attack Katniss and Peeta. But In the book verSION. these we

Entry by AM Smiley

CRACKEDcO FARAMIR FROOO. when met he SAid: But feAR no more! i would not tAKe this thing, if it LAY By the highway. not were minas tirith FALLinG in

Entry by bazooka

Cafos In Stephen King's novel four year-old Tad Trenton dies of dehydration after being trapped in hot car the a by rabid's St. Bernard dog. Even regu

Entry by Honeyko

JAMES MORGAN ANGELINA McAVoy FREEMAN JOLIE AND WANTED SUMMER 2008 You've probably already forgotten about this 2008 action film, more than likely beca

Entry by Mattcee

CRACKEDCON Don't remember the scene from the Running Man where a mortally injured Richards kamikazes a plane into the TV studio's headquarters? That's

Entry by Ted E.

The original The Princess Bride novel does not include a Pit of Despair. Instead, Prince Humperdinck has a 5-level underground hunting arena called

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