21 Early Drafts That Almost Made Famous Movies Incredibly Weird

A ton of your favorite movies were almost super, super strange.
21 Early Drafts That Almost Made Famous Movies Incredibly Weird

Truth can be fantastic, but fiction can also be crazier than anything you could believe. Over the years, we've all just seen a lot of films. Some of the films we've seen have been incredible, while others have just been so bizarre that we've just walked out of the theater in a daze after we've finished viewing them.

Several factors can make a movie seem so weird—for example, a novel or unusual storytelling concept or method.

In the initial stages of development, films go through a lot of drafts, and a number of them are destined to be horrible. But it wasn't until we encouraged readers to do some investigation that we realized how bizarre some of the films were going to be. And they found a lot of turds.

On this list are a few early versions that almost made well-known films incredibly weird. So here are a few movie catastrophes that came dangerously close to being released in theaters:

21 Early Drafts That Almost Made Famous Movies Incredibly Weird
The earliest draft of Freddy VS, Jason included a hilariously bizarre brawl in Hell. The script, titled Nightmare 13: Freddy Meets Jason, ends with th
The original Ghostbusters draft called Ghost Smashers was about travelling through time, space and various dimensions to battle huge ghosts. FURE Due
Red was a much smaller part in the original Pineapple Express script He was supposed to die the first time he got shot. However, the writers found Dan
CRACKEDCON Edgar Wright's original script ending for BABY PRIVER heavily implied that the post-prison reunion of Baby and Debora was actually a dream.
THE SIXTH SENSE Originally, the character of Malcolm was a crime scene photographer with a son who kept having visions of a serial killer's victims.
Pete Docter's initial story idea for Monsters, Inc involved a 30 year- old man who stumbles upon drawings of his childhood fears... ...which come aliv
Die Hard: With A Vengeance could've ended with John McClane getting fired from the NYPD, tracking down Simon, and forcing him to shoot himself with a
According to his ex-wife Marcia, George Lucas planned to reveal BOBA FETT AND DARTH VADER WERE BROTHERS in the STAR WARS prequels. BROTHERS STICy ROTH
Pretty in Pink ended originally with Andie picking Duckie but the test audiences didn't like it.
STAR WARS. EPISODE VIL THE FORCE AWAKENS There was supposed to be a scene in which Chewbacca rips out Unkar Plutt's arm for threatening Rey. It was (t
21 Early Drafts That Almost Made Famous Movies Incredibly Weird
HORRIBLE 2 BOSSES Jennifer Aniston revealed that a scene in which her character has Sex with Charlie Day's character while he's in a coma had to be cu
The storyline for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR depended upon Robert Downey Jr. signing a contract extension. PLAN B WAS ZOMBIES!! We almost saw Baron Ze
In an early version of Cars When Lightning McQueen is given community service, Doc transplants his engine (where a car's brains are apparently kept) 5
CRACKED COM Eric Pearson, the screenwriter of Thor: Ragnarok, initially wanted to add in a romance subplot between Valkyrie and Thor before realizing
In the original script for The Room, Johnny does a little something extra with his cheating fiance's wardrobe before taking his own life. He reaches
Anchorman: The Legend CRACKEDCO of Ron Burgundy was originally a survival story with killer primates. In the first draft, the San Diego news team is t
In early draft of an Star Trek: The Motion Picture the story was going to have erotic scenes and establish theme STAB TBEK a TE MOTION PICTUPIE that i
21 Early Drafts That Almost Made Famous Movies Incredibly Weird
In Leigh Brackett's original script for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, when Lando turns the rebels over to Darth Vader in the dining hall, they ACTUALLY SIT
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