14 Movie And Show Jokes Too Smart For Us

If a joke sails over the average viewer’s head, does it still exist?
14 Movie And Show Jokes Too Smart For Us

People often say that movies and TV shows are only good for dumbing down the population, but if you look hard enough, you can actually find some really smart jokes. Here, we're going to take a look at some of the smartest jokes from movies and TV shows.

We love to complain about how movies don't strive to appeal to intellectual audiences and that all of their gags are clichéd, predictable nonsense created by dummies. However, this is not the case. It's simply that most of us — and we're not pointing fingers here — aren't super perceptive about when a film is attempting to tickle our brains with astonishingly clever connections concealed in plain sight.

If you're like us, you love a good, dumb movie or TV show joke. They can make even the most mundane scene more enjoyable. But sometimes, the jokes can be pretty smart. Here are some of our favorite movie and TV show jokes that made us think.

14 Movie And Show Jokes Too Smart For Us
Buffy tells Giles in a really roundabout way that she doesn't want to see him wreck his life. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, after she's knocked on Gile
The way Daniel becomes fluent in Egyptian in Stargate makes perfect sense only to Egyptologists. Daniel learns ancient Egyptian crazy fast, saying it'
14 Movie And Show Jokes Too Smart For Us
14 Movie And Show Jokes Too Smart For Us
According to Family Guy, a 19th-century nutjob was right about Jesus' lineage. Stewie went to the other side and met Jesus, who is Chinese. His last
14 Movie And Show Jokes Too Smart For Us
In Supernatural, Sam insults a frisky old lady in a nicely subtle way. To help along the investigation of a rich widow's niece's death, Sam lets the w
In Archer, Charlotte uses a Renaissance reference to kick Sterling when he's down. ollb After getting beaten and choked by the gigantic Zirk, Sterling
A taxi company in Zootopia is probably trying to say its drivers drive really, really safely. Thigmo-Tar's A sign for Thigmo-Taxis appears during Ju
House used military history to explain how a patient got sick. In House, a patient regularly cleans his bathtub by mixing ammonia and bleach. House sa
Gravity Falls' mermaid gOeS way, way back. In the series finale, Soos holds up a mermaid that's half-fish and half-monkey. P.T. Barnum exhibited e
The Penguin used an alias only an ornithologist might find suspicious. In Gotham, Oswald Cobblepot at one point takes the name Peter Humboldt. Which p
In Futurama, 70s retro is still in. 12B 13 STUDIO STUDIO Futurama's Studio 12 21 33, where Bender goes to dance so he can burn off the doomsday device
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