29 Coincidences That Shred Reality


Whenever a coincidence occurs, most individuals fall into one of two camps: some who disregard such happenings as coincidental, and others who see meaning or a broader pattern in occurrences. Despite how unusual it might seem to run across your doppelgänger or share the very same anniversary as your best friend, a closer examination reveals that the cosmos is constantly scheming to sprinkle pieces of serendipity into our daily lives. We've produced a list of the most bizarre coincidences ever. So keep reading to be astounded by these unbelievable coincidences that will make even the most septic believe in fate.

If you saw any of these in a movie, you'd dismiss them as lousy writing, yet the real world is full of them. We asked you to compile a list of the most incredible real stories you've come across. The winner is listed below, but first, let's look at the runners-up... So keep scrolling down and read your favorite coincidence that completely blows you away.

Entry by IkiFoo

During production of Osus Ex lreleosed in 2000) the skybox ortist 'forgot to odd the Twin TOwers to tHE NEW York skyline. The discrepancy WOS Exploine

Entry by sureal

29 Coincidences That Shred Reality

Entry by maluba

In 1895 there were only two cars in the entire state of Ohio... 28 01c .o.and they crashed into each other.

Entry by kkapow

CRACKEDOON South African astronomer Danie du Toit, age 49, gave a lecture warning that death could come at any time. Concluding his speech, he popped

Entry by drudru

THOMAS JEFFERSON FOUNDING FATHER Last Words: Is it the Fourth? Died: July 4th. 1826 JOHN ADAMS FOUNDING FATHER Was unaware that Jefferson had died a

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