If Hollywood Taught Science Class

Those of us who have tested the out-runnable fireball law of thermodynamics know that Hollywood blockbusters aren't exactly realistic. That got us wondering, what do the science classrooms look like in the schools that Marty McFly and James T. Kirk attended? How about the computer science labs where the kids from Hackers went to school? We asked you to show us with photoshop. The winners are below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by jaufwa

CRACKED com CPR FOR ADULTS 1 2 3 4 CPR will be necessary Before administering Begin CPR. CPR is successful in event of: CPR: Patient regains Cardiac A

Entry by FrogC4

If Hollywood Taught Science Class

Entry by dagur

RESULTS OIF GIETING SIHOT 1% = Chance of Backflip = Chance of Frontflip 55% 44% =Chance of falling to ground CRACKED.O CoM Pie Cher 4.5

Entry by snack

ELECTRICITY AND YORALKEN CRACKED.CO The Benefits Of Electrocution Believe it or not there once was a time when mankind feared electricity, some even s
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