30 Things That Should Never be Adapted to Film


So they're making a damned Monopoly movie. Is there a worse idea for a movie adaptation?

Almost certainly. We asked you to plumb the darkest corners of your imaginations, and photoshop up the worst of the worst.

That winner is below, but first the runners-up (and note that half of these will probably turn out to be movies within five years):

Entry by Newbie

wil Ohn C. Perpel rellly bent ernie sUmer 2008 CRACKEIT HO

Entry by RB2

SUDOKU Namhens don't lie...they just kill. FSHIA aTY O C00R MOD NG MLEM 0 S1680 P12 PARTIN 11 MASBGIPHG RROMEYA Vt 59 PC008 CRACKED.cOM comings soon N

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