A lot of idiotic patents make it all the way to production, and society ends up worse for it. We asked our readers to show us the idiotic patents that would actually help improve things. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by HaywireLiar

No. 34981230 Patented 3/30/2012 Traffic Jam Blue Shell Angry Driver b Phone Driver Blue Shell bi 1 Blue Shel1 bl Cell phone c1 Targeting c1 Camera c

Entry by Ricky2Dope

Digital T-Shirt Cannon Advanced Clothing Delivery System 3 1 2b 2a 100101001010101 $ 100110100110010 101001101001010 101100101010010 101010101001010 1

Entry by John Mulroy

CRAGKEDCOM 1.Hate Cannon Detects mindless hatred and releases Mace 2.L337-Seeking Missile US Patent Application #20132019584523 Big Billy Goat Gruff

Entry by Hans_Solo

CRACKED Phone Interaction Solicitation Solving Electronic Deterrent Code Name: PISSED Activation Button CLD 1X CTXDODID When Activated 10.000 WATT Amp

Entry by mightyzamfir

Device To Prevent Automobile Cut-off Fid.1 Pig.2 (closed) (open Right) Fig.3: side View (Open Left) In the event of a cut off scenario: 1. Driver ac

Entry by El Zoof

CRACKEDCO CON Automatic Back-scratcher Itch feelers Gripping talons Scratching fangs CPU Prosoma (Cephalothorax) Pedicel Bio-waste Skin harvesters p

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