It seems like the things that frustrate us the most about the products we use are the things that never change. It's as if the people making this stuff don't use it themselves. We asked our readers to go ahead and tell them what we're all thinking about their products. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Sulaco

CRACKEDOON Starbucks, Dear someone think your I in shit pot. coffee HELP ROISON

Entry by j21

CRACKEDCO COM & nw heads shoulders. AY coniditione thapoo I dandnot 2 PRIMED & smooth AXE 237FF JUST MMO R R Otu Dear Unilever, 1 washed and rinsed, b

Entry by johnli27

To They show how will be crappy them in all over your order on this piece of paper Proauct By the is, I've the time you written the place. open letter

Entry by johnli27

Dear Aquafina, OK et'y just be honest your water isn't really extracted from some fancy-as -ass spring up some mountain or creek. Can we stop lying to

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