18 Celeb Dumb Quotes (So Stupid They're Brilliant)

18 Celeb Dumb Quotes (So Stupid They're Brilliant)

Everyone makes mistakes along the way. However, almost all of us actually get away with this now fairly easily because people laugh it all off and quickly forget regarding our silly mental lapses. Even so, if you're a famous person, it's a different scenario. Everything that a celebrity says (or Twitter posts) appears to be meticulously tried to log on the internet and accessible at all times. That wacky celebrity quote will live on in perpetuity, especially when that person does not appear to be the brightest doughnut in the jar or lacks some basic education.

Celebrities make a lot of stupid statements. Quite a bit. A lot. However, some of the things they say are so stupid that they transcend stupidity and enter the realm of genius.

So, in general, you can expect to see the following quotes on inspirational nature photos pretty soon.

Scroll down and see the amusing list of some of the dumbest celebrity sayings ever.

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