Movie sequels get a bad rap, since they're usually created by people looking to invest in a known commodity: AKA whatever worked last time. But what if movie sequel didn't care about anything other than being a good idea, and kicking ass. We asked you to show us. The winner is below, but first the runners up ...

Entry by sixtyeight

21 Movie Sequels Too Awesome to Exist

Entry by HaywireLiar

Go walk with the shepherd But me, my eyes are wide fuckina open. THE PATH TOWARDS REDEMPTION WILL BE A BLOODY ONE. SAMUEL L. JACKSON IS THE WANDERER

Entry by HaywireLiar


Entry by thebreak

PAI IVIEI IS A BASTER Once upon A time in Japan Occupied Chinna.. ING BHSTERDS PART II CRACKED COM

Entry by HaywireLiar

DOom snubbed Acme and Maroon to kill the competition. But it was too easy, and a new question rose from the dip: Who Framed TUIDIGE DOOM by Oirected R

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