Inevitable Headlines We'll See Next Year

Hate surprises? We’ve got you covered.
Inevitable Headlines We'll See Next Year

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2019 has seen some wild headlines, and a lot of it took us by surprise. We refuse to believe that the world is completely random and unpredictable, so we asked our readers to show us the inevitable headlines from 2020 now, so we can all prepare ourselves in advance.

It wasn't especially comforting.

2019 Astronomers reveal first image of a black hole The Event Horizon Telescope-i planet-scale array of ground. based radio telescopes-has obtained th
bollprod MOVIES TV BUSINESS STYLE TECH AWAROS CULTURE 10E0 SITES Newsletters 2019 Avatar 2 pushed back to 2021 Disney, who now owns the franchise, ann
CRACKEDCON 2019 C 12A15PTATIK CARS Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving' feature may get early- access release by the end of 2019 Flon Musk says select Tesla ow
Future Spacex Dragon capsule launch to deliver cannabis to International Space Station G7S SPC CHEDDAR BUSINESS SPACEX 2019 WILL DELIVER CANNABIS TO T
Inevitable Headlines We'll See Next Year
2019 2020 Meet the Cybertruck: Tesla's Tesla introduces New Electric Pickup Truck the Cyberyacht The futuristic pickup truck that looks the part Pyram
CRACKED COR 2019 FUROPE POLITICS Brexit 'is going to get done' now that Boris Johnson wins clear mandate at the UK election PURLISHED FRLDEC13 2019.12
House approves $738bn military bill with money for Trump's Space Force 2019 House approves $1 Trillion for Death Star. The feeble federal debt is no
2019 2020 CRACKED COM EXPRESS The Nct Jork Eimes HOU NrS uoA r HORT Giant COUMENT FNANY Meteor is Elected OuTICE HS - SNe NADOL President in Stunning
2019 CRACKEDC XFL reveals its eight teams for the 2020 season Kevin Allen USA TODAY Published: 112 m. ET Ang 21, 2010 Updated 6:41 .m. ET Aug 22. 2019
CRACKED.OON OMNMCKU KOMNTET POCCNN Russia banned from world sport (2019) The people who banned Russia from world sport mysteriously poisoned (2020)
20 19: AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS CRACKEDc COM ALHILINHONS 00 d GICm RLEW AMER Papa John's founder VOWS 'day of reckoning,' says pizzas aren't as good sinc
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