The 14 Ways Your Friends Are BSing You On Social Media

Think photos can't lie? Hold my beer.
The 14 Ways Your Friends Are BSing You On Social Media

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Famous brands spend a ton of time and effort carving out their social media presence in a way that makes them seem like the best, coolest thing ever. The thing is, your friends are doing the exact same thing, whether it's with photos, status updates, or even the GIFs and emojis they use.

But of course our readers are too smart to fall for any of that, so we asked them to expose the actual meanings -- or important missing details -- in social media posts.

CRACKED beachlover23 14 kes beachlover23 Love having the beach all to myself #blessed #permanentvaycay #catchingrays #lovemylife original beachlover23
ash_wannabe FOLLOW New York, New York 508 likes *quotes a random ash_wannabe song lyric* #wordsiliveby Translation: I like the way this lyric sounds,
Original Day 4 #trashtag challenge. 6 days to go! Translation Court ordered community service. 32 hours done. 48 hours to go. #croppedphoto @picksuptr
Instagram theoneandonlystashia Stashia Fotos candid photo of us enjoying life! #truelove #lovestory theoneandonlystashia And by candid I mean took eig
f What your friend posted: Havana Badday 3 hrs Ugh! hate how look in this picture! f What your friend was saying: I know damn skippy there's nothing w
Original tweet: Funman @MrFunMan09 28/07/2016 @firestinger68 Thanks for making me go skydiving man! It was a shit-ton of fun! #skydiving #madfun #next
Pretentiouslgnoramus 24 December 2018 Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did d
CEO Body Noah Noah Body ORIGINAL @noahbody85 Updated my profile. Noah Body Onaabady85 TRANSLATION Noah Body @noahbody85 I added a blue diamond next to
the posst Anita Proval April 5 at 12:17 PM Cooking for the family! Grilled salmon and asparagus! #tasty #healthy Tarsilaton:- My family's health is im
E Instagram 3min Real meaning: I'm trying to impress ladies on Tinder with this dead fish. #WomenBeware #bigcatch my dad with Fishing 0 Comments Com
When your old high school friend says... Karen Williams March 27 at 7:59 AM We are SO proud of our daughter, Brittany, for graduating with a 4.5 GPA w
highprofileceleb Follow ORIGINAL 34,721,384 likes highprofileceleb Bun in the oven! Can't wait!! #mummywithasmile #overthemoon 02 May 2015 TRANSLATION
CRACKEDCON TEXT: Kryptofash Follow @physicalremoval88 I don't care who's offended by my views, I'll always take a stand for #freespeech 4:20 PM May 20
CRACKEDOON updated her profile picture. 20mins You and 28 others 2 Comments Like Comment Share You look SO different now! I miss you! Like Reply 5m Mi
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