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It's easy to assume that the way you do things is the default way, because it's pretty much all you know. It's only when you venture out into the world that you begin to suspect that your approach to life has been a little, uh, unconventional. But there's no way to be sure, right? Maybe there is. We asked readers to show us the way they do ordinary stuff, that doesn't line up with the conventionally-accepted way. So you can compare notes.

Entry by Erin Willis

Most people text aaa bonaaamo with their / OFLE thumbs. ecy Mm 10237- MIN I use my index finger. CRACKEDOON

Entry by Karin Coburn

CRACKEDOONT Eating Spaghetti MOST PEOPLE Me Twist the noodles I use a knife to around their fork. cut the noodles. ACCEPTABLE

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