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The world is an objectively convenient place. We've got a ton of tools at our fingertips to simplify our lives. Yet somehow we still manage not to get anything done.

We asked readers to figure out why, by tracking the process where seemingly uncomplicated tasks turn absurdly complicated, and we gave cash to our favorite explanation.

Entry by CagedWill

CRACKEDCON 1 Decide to make a fancy dish for dinner 50 Healthy Dinner Recipes Search Oves 40 OUICK Dinner 25 romantic dinners 2 Find a million differe

Entry by Mike Kohnke

1: Went to go for a ride, but found my tire was flat. 2: Good thing 0 always keep a spare tube in my bike bag! 3: Got another flat miles from home.. a

Entry by Tee Ngin Rui

1. It's movie night. Go on Netflix. 2. Take forever to find something I haven't seen. 3. Eventually get tired and fall asleep. CRACKEDOON

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