15 Overhyped (And Underhyped) Characters From Fav Series'

It’s time to send these characters to the showers, and give these other ones a chance.
15 Overhyped (And Underhyped) Characters From Fav Series'

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Movies and show creators clearly have their favorite characters, and they give those characters a ton of airtime. The thing is, sometimes those characters are so overplayed that they wear out their welcome. Meanwhile there are much more interesting minor characters in the wings that deserve much more airtime.

For example ...

FUTURAMA Having a main His look, his voice. character'is main and his backstory bit be absurdly were all great, obnoxious isn't and he was clever, i
Harry Pottel Kindly, old man constantly keeping secrets and putting children in wildly dangerous situations. Dumbledore: OVERRATED! Certifiable badass
STAR CRACKED CON WARS HAN SOLO 13-37 Overrated: Underrated: A tough guy The first feminine who secretly presenting droid we has a heart of meet, she d
CRACKEDCO COM OF THE KING 10 HILL MOSt OVERRATED: MOSTUNDERRATED: BOBBY HILL PEGGY HILL As funny he She's of can be, one the most as the sheer number
MOST OVERRATED MOST UNDERRATED: Ganondorf Skull Kid EA - Motivation to be evil - Not evil per se. just a child unclear, most likely because handling a
HOBBIT THE THE MOTION PICTURE TRILOGY Most overrated Most underrated Gandalf the Gray Bard the Bowman Visits places talking Takes down Smaug, to peopl
PULP.FICTION FILD BY DUENTIN TABANTIVO PRODUCED BY LAWRENCE BENDER Most Overrated: Vincent & Jules Incompetent Disorganized, Excitable Disrespected Cl
MOST OVERRATED: MOST UNDERRATED: MARIO WALUIGI GRAUIN VS ARO vebreak MARIO TENNIS No personality. Hilarious personality. No one's favorite in Has a de
CRACKEDG COM THE HUNGER GAMES Most Overrated: Most Underrated: Katniss Finnick Doesn't let Acts blissfully setbacks change unaware of the his plans re
CRACKEDCON Team the MEN Leaders Most Overrated: Most Underrated: Wolverine Shadowcat He's a mashup of Her power allows every ridiculous for unique and
1109S 184X MATRIX FRILOGY OVERRATED lconic heroine Trinity can fight Agents and is an expert hacker; so what if every single vehicle she touches crash
MOST OVERRATED MOST UNDERRATED: Vegeta. Krillin. DRAGONBALHE SUPIR - Keeps training all the time, - Actually the strongest yet can't catch up with a h
CRACKEDcO Br 35 eaking 56 O Bad verrated Underrated Hank Schrader Skylar White -Overlooks all the clues until - First person (except accomplices) the
The MARVEL ...intends Captain America to be CINEMATIC seen as a chivalrous team leader. So the films UNIVERSE show us that... A His reckless rule- bre
CRACKED COM STAR WARS MOST UNDERRATED: MOST OVERRATED Qui- Gon Jinn Boba Fett - Strong, clever Jedi. -Has exactly four lines in - Played by his own ru
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