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Romance is complicated, and despite all our interconnectedness, it's harder than ever to meet somebody. Enter dating apps and websites: The new-millennium alternative to singles bars. Theoretically, you could meet somebody great. You could also meet somebody incredibly problematic. But how do you tell, just from your screen?

Well, you could look for things like ...

Entry by Erin Willis

CRACKEDOON Plenty of Frogs POF Free online dating. Hi!! I'm Viv, a single, working mom living on the edge! Would LOVE to meet my Prince! Translates to

Entry by

Matches PenneDreadful About Details Questions 86% 77% Translation: Match Friend I would like free dinner, 26 Straight please. Pie Town, NM My elf-su

Entry by George Oduor

CRACKEDOON 100% 11:03 AM Diana Diana, 23 27 miles away active 1 hour ago you About Diana tell themselves? I'm just can't about me... They anything try

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