Reading the news is a lot like listening to your grandfather who's a little off: it all means well, but is mildly racist and can't really be trusted.

Which is why we asked our readers to submit what the media is probably leaving out about some recent popular headlines. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Kevin King

BUZZ 8:44am November 28, 2015 Levitating vehicles on Chinese street thanks to unlikely phenomenon ninemsn 02LOW FZDAKE CRAGKEDCON

Entry by Sonny Time

YAHOO! CRACKEDCON NEWS Rare Adorable Orange Monkey Shows Off by NowThis 0:42 mins S O O N

Entry by Opus52

Home Scores Schedule Brett Favre's retired number unveiled by Packers GREEN BAY, Wis.- The Packers celebrated not one but two legendary CRACKEDCON

Entry by mrlarry

Dinosaur find proves prehistoric America was split in half by diet choice BURGER KING MCDor CRACKED

Entry by Sonny Time

engodgel REVIEWS - FEATURES . GUDES - VIDEOS - GALLERIES . PUBLIC ACCESS GAMING - ENGADGET LIVE 'Spencer' the robot is here to help guide lost airline

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