About a week ago, this article came out highlighting some creative and exciting business cards. Those were okay, but they didn't exactly evoke that "Oh my God I think I'm going to be sick" reaction that should accompany a business card.

There have just got to be a few business cards floating around out there that toe the line between memorable and terrifying...

We asked you to Photoshop some of them, and the winning entry is below. But first, the runners-up:

Entry by lordlim


Entry by Howard Perez

KATAYAMA KICEIUIRO Email NINIA kksanninja.com phone: 555-555-5555 CRACKED

Entry by ArT

a''SIr ink John Doe Sniper Tel: -800-TARGET -Mail: aimyourhead.com CRACKED COM

Entry by

CRACKED COM R9 4cremy sat OF JDAR * ons rinis Wor HACAT U ard lwva NECA

Entry by McBeefy

CRACKED COD ERIC BAUMAN d X Owner ORIN www Fbavmsworld.com A ACHTECTURE hmorous website prigina/ cortent

Entry by Tim Hawkman

Bakudai Crackeda CRACKED.cOM

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