23 Brutally Honest Celebrity Social Media Posts

Being super rich and famous grants you a lot of freedoms, but with the advent of social media all that could be gone in the blink of an eye.
23 Brutally Honest Celebrity Social Media Posts

Being super rich and famous grants you a lot of freedoms, but with the advent of social media all that could be gone in the blink of an eye. But what would life be like if celebrities didn't have to worry about everything they said being scrutinized by the public? What would it be like if social media was just a soap box for theme to express every dumb thought that came to their head, free of reprisal?

We posed that question to our readers and gave money to the best entry. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Barack Obama @BarackObama - Aug 8 Fuck the haters. #SuckMyDickRepublicans 13 1.5K CRACKEDCON 2.7K 00
BrianWilliams 1- Following BWlliams So I get butchered for fake story, but a @ KimKardashian gets praised for a fake ass? This is bullshit! #Iwasthere
Gabe Newell L- Follow @Valve 2+1=2a and 1 together. Triangles have 2 sides and 1 side. 4 2 and 1 together. A trinity is 2 people and 1 person. 5-2=4 a
Jaden Smith Follow @officialjaden Please don't listen to anything I say... I'm not very bright : RETWEETS FAVORITES 310 891 9:22 PM-2Aug 2015 13 CRACK
Adam Sandler July 23 at 7:16pm All my paid vacations are now available on Blu-ray! O SARIDTER MTES ROKK SPLDE SOHDEEIDER USANDLED ETRANSTOM JustGowith
Eminem Follow Eminem Dre told me that Skittles wouldn't be a good stage name. Reply 17 Retweet Favorite More 5:01 PM - Aug 15 Embed this Tweet CRACK
Caitlyn Jenner @Caitlyn_Jenner 30m This darn nosejob hurts like a B! But hey, if Kim and the girls can get through this, I can too. #callmecait #beaut
Meek Mill L- Following ameekdMill Shout out to @ Drake for giving my album publicity. Ain't nobody was listening to that shit before Reply 13 Reteet F
23 Brutally Honest Celebrity Social Media Posts
JJ Follow BadRobot Sorry guys. It's finished, but it's pretty shitty. On to the next project! Reply t Retweet Favorite More 2.013.756 RETWEETS FAVORIT
Seth Macfarlane @SethMacFarlane l just read the funniest webcomic. I'm totally stealing this! CRACKEDCON
Richard Dawkins L- Following RichardDawidns I don't know half the shit I usually tweet about Reply t Retwpet Favorite ... More 937 AM. 15 Embed this w
GRACKEDO taylorswift 1.1m likes 16h Practicing my shocked look for taylorswift when / win all of the awards at the Grammys.
Tim Hortons Hoathess @TimHortons The coffee at your local gas station is just as good and 1/3 cheaper. 18 3 jmb RETWEETS FAVORITES imb 7:49 PM 11 Aug
Undertaker L- Follow TheDeadman Oh my god! Is there anything more darling than a puppy? #cuddly #aaw #FuckLesnar reply 13 Retweet Favorite More 3:41 P
Dalai Lama L Following Dalallarma Fuck China #FuckChina Reply t2 Retweet Favorite More 522 PM. 06 Aug 15 Embed this Tweet CRACKEDO CONT
AT&T 12:38 PM PHOTO ladygaga 5d ladygaga When life gives you lemons, do an album with Tony Bennett. CRACKEDOON
GRACKEDoG CON J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling Dumbledore was never gay. I just wanted tO make up for chickening out on Sirius REMUS. #TonksWTF?
TWFETS FOLLOWING FOLLOWERS 641 8 6.76M Tweets Tweets & replies Photos & videos Pope Francis @Pontifex Jun 18 The Book of Leviticus also says eating sh
CRACKEDcO Chief Justice Roberts Government Official Update Info View Activity Log Timeline About Photos Likes More Status Photo Video 31 Event, Milest
Tom Cruise Following @TomCruise Scientology has my kids. They're making me say and do these things. Reply 13 Retweet Favorite More 3-41 PM - 10 Jan 15
Leonardo Dicaprio Following @LeoDiCaprio Fuck @JamieFoxx Fuck @ Forestwhitaker Fuck @GeorgeClooneya and FUCK @ @MatthewMcConaughey Reply 17 Retweet Fa
Ray Rice @RayRice27 Ho y'all. Just finished therapy. Bitches be people! 4 5 RETWEETS FAVORITES 10:11 PM - Aug 2015 - via Twitter- Embed this Tweet Rep

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