23 Brutally Honest Celebrity Social Media Posts

23 Brutally Honest Celebrity Social Media Posts

Being super rich and famous grants you a lot of freedoms, but with the advent of social media all that could be gone in the blink of an eye. But what would life be like if celebrities didn't have to worry about everything they said being scrutinized by the public? What would it be like if social media was just a soap box for theme to express every dumb thought that came to their head, free of reprisal?

We posed that question to our readers and gave money to the best entry. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Paka

JJ Follow BadRobot Sorry guys. It's finished, but it's pretty shitty. On to the next project! Reply t Retweet Favorite More 2.013.756 RETWEETS FAVORIT

Entry by Kevin King

GRACKEDO taylorswift 1.1m likes 16h Practicing my shocked look for taylorswift when / win all of the awards at the Grammys.

Entry by ajad

Dalai Lama L Following Dalallarma Fuck China #FuckChina Reply t2 Retweet Favorite More 522 PM. 06 Aug 15 Embed this Tweet CRACKEDO CONT

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