15 Songs That Don't Mean What You Think

A lot of people never stop dancing long enough to really listen to a song, or its meaning is intentionally obscured because it’s too much of a downer to make you boogie.

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There's way too much good television going on to keep up with. Fortunately for you, we're here to help. We asked our readers to summarize some of the most popular television shows out there for your benefit.

Of course, we also asked them to be brutally honest about how ridiculous these shows actually got. So, you know, keep that in mind before you go swaggering over to the office water cooler to talk it up with everyone.

Entry by luvthecubs

DEXTER CRACKEDOON A serial killer, who works as a forensic blood splatter analyst targeting other killers utilizing a morale code, kills his serial

Entry by BlondeFury

He teaches kids about chemicals but he needs expensive chemicals SO he buys cheap chemicals and steals more chemicals then he mixes the chemicals and

Entry by Neglify

People crash island on an and dick around for awhile, uncovering weird ass mysteries or some shit; they battle some other assholes and find out they w

Entry by AfroNinja

While running away from murderous cyborgs intent on destroying them and searching for a planet upon which to rebuild their shattered race, what remain

Entry by Piemanthe3rd

A man, claiming to be a psychic, psychically manages to solve countless petty crimes, finds explanations for ghost stories, demon possessions and alie

Entry by nickDQC

CRACKED.COM SUPERNATURAL Sam and Dean go looking for their monster hunting dad who dies, then Sam dies and is resurrected, Dean goes to hell and gets

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