There's no doubt that the last couple decades have produced lots of unusual decisions from Hollywood. Fortunately, we've managed to gain some insight into why that is.

Our readers have conjured up texts and emails that shed some light on some really baffling choices made by filmmakers. The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by elendirl

AT&T 3G 10:04 AM Messages J. Cameron Edit Hey, I lost a bet. What's your favorite animal? dunno... kitten color? blue movie? Dances with wolves K. Bye

Entry by DarthJay

Hl AT&T 3G 9:41 AM 13% Messages Gunn Edit So the Marvel fan-boys will expect Avengers teasers after the credits... Sigh. I know. You know what would b

Entry by Paka

al. 3G ORACKEDCO CON Messages Shia Edit How's the editing going? Almost done. It looks amazing. Project LaBeouf is definitely going to win awards. Peo

Entry by monkeylamp

Send Options... HTML To... a Cc... Subject: RE: Garfield Movie Arial 12 I LOL. a cat president. you crack me up Bill. I'll get

Entry by BRWombat

AT&T 3G 05:25 PM 100% Messages Arnold S Edit Arnold, baby, I've been having some interesting talks with a lot of people. We have a great role lined up

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