Subliminal Messages Hidden in Everyday Life


We're always doing things we can't quite account for. Why did we fall asleep at work? Why was the ad sales guy tied up and gagged with our underwear when we woke up? The simple answer is that we shouldn't drink vodka at lunch, but the more interesting answer is that we're all constantly being controlled by subliminal messages.

We asked you to show us how we're secretly being manipulated by secret messages hidden all around us in our daily life. The winners are below, but first the runners up.

Entry by Ted E.

Subliminal Messages Hidden in Everyday Life

Entry by walshster


Entry by AgentCoop

Subliminal Messages Hidden in Everyday Life

We haven't done infographics in a while. History is full of decisions made by powerful people that left the world scratching their head and asking, "What the hell were they thinking?" Well, show us. Via flowchart or other infographic, speculate on the thought processes behind the world's most disastrous decisions. Post your entries in the forum. The best Photoshop gets $50.

Want to see the entries that didn't make it? Find them here. Or check out last week's look at what the world would look like If Restaurants Were Honest. And for images too strange to make up, but not too strange to make fun of, head to the Daily Craption Contest.

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