The 18 Most Disastrous Missed Text Messages Possible


In today's age, we pretty much live and die by our phones. As you're about to see, sometimes literally.

We asked our readers to conjure up the worst text messages possible to receive (or not). The winner is below, but first the runners-up ...

Entry by Paka

ATT 3G 9:00 AM ATT 3G 8:50 AM Messages Jill Edit Messages Jim Edit I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant. Yay! We did it I'm I'm sorry, but it's Bill's. telling

Entry by kriz2391

Plus 01:03 91% Messages Megan Contact Your dad and I are splitting forever What Nooo : call me Er I meant firewood Not Delivered stupid thing keeps ch

Entry by Quo

CRACKED COM A POLCE POLICELL TE 412911 <Messages Hubby Contact 4FY We have your husband. and Do exactly as we say he won't get hurt thar Lol k. found

Entry by Tim Babb

AT&T 9:59 PM 84% Messages Girlfriend Contact I'm on my way over... Wearing nothing but my coat Mmmmmm...the things I'm going to do to you when I barge

Entry by Quo

The 18 Most Disastrous Missed Text Messages Possible

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