13 Silly Celebrity Cameos Where They Literally Could Have Gotten Someone from a Temp Agency

13 Silly Celebrity Cameos Where They Literally Could Have Gotten Someone from a Temp Agency

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You’d think we’d all be excited to see a famous face pop up out of nowhere. That’s the movie’s goal anyway. Those sneaky little filmmaking devils sit in the back of a test screening, waiting to see an audiences’ reaction when Matt Damon or whoever rears their pretty head. Not that we have a thing for Matt Damon specifically, it’s just, you know… Oh whatever, that’s not even the point! The point is, there are countless examples of fun, satisfying cameos, but sadly, these ain’t them.

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It’s hard to quantify exactly why something “works” or not. You just feel it. There’s either an audible laugh, a satisfied head nod, or a scrunched face like someone plucked an “off” note on a guitar. They’re all involuntary reactions, and movie nerds everywhere scramble to find out why. Today, we were those nerds. In these 13 jarring or lackluster cases, they just shoehorned a famous face in there when the role could’ve gone to any old day player.

M. Night Shyamalan gives away his own twist.

CRACKED M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN WTF SIGNS CAMEOS In his I'm getting out of town speech, he casually drops that he noticed the crop circles aren't near water, so he doesn't think they like water. As the writer/director of the film, it's easy to see that this is a nugget he clearly wants us to hold onto... for later.

Touchstone Pictures

Screen Rant

It’s kind of like accidentally showing a new car in a period piece.

CRACKED WTF CAMEOS JACK WHITE COLD MOUNTAIN It's an epic period piece, so giving a very popular singer an entire song ruined the reality. The song feels like the movie's intermission where the actors stop, listen to him sing, then get back to acting.

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The movie would’ve been better with a no-namer in this role.

CRACKED TED WTE CAMEOS DANSON SAVING PRIVATE RYAN In such a serious movie, his cameo was distracting since we only knew him as Sam Malone on Cheers. It was only five years since the show ended, and since he was known for his stone-faced droll delivery, we just kept waiting for him to crack a joke.

Amblin Entertainment

Screen Rant

When a “cameo” goes way too long.

CRACKED WTF CAMEOS QUENTIN TARANTINO DJANGO UNCHAINED Considered his worst cameo, he kind of ruins what should be Django's all is lost moment with a terrible Australian accent and way too many lines. Take a page out of Stan Lee's book, Quentin.

The Weinstein Company

Screen Rant

They got Madonna to play one of many girls for Bond to flirt with.

CRACKED WTF CAMEOS MADONNA DIE ANOTHER DAY She's not the Bond girl, or an integral part of the story. She is a fencing instructor with a few sword innuendos, who then introduces Bond to a bad guy. That's all.

Eon Productions


Wait, you kids don’t remember Macy Gray?!

GRACKED WTF CAMEOS MACY GRAY SPIDER-MAN For the 2002 movie, her appearance was a cross-promotional stunt by Sony to boost her album sales. This move really dates the movie, since she was basically a one-hit wonder and of that time period. To kids today, she would seem like a random singer.

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Don’t Tell Harry

And why did they have to put his face on the big screen?!

CRACKED RECEIVING um IN WTF CAMEOS MICHAEL JACKSON MEN IN BLACK II After reportedly crying about missing out on the original film, he asked to be involved in the sequel. Не gives one small piece of exposition, then an inside joke that he wants to be Agent M in Men in Black.

Columbia Pictures, Amblin Entertainment

Far Out Magazine

She couldn’t even reach the acting bar in a 'Fast & Furious' sequel.

WTF CAMEOS IGGY AZALEA FURIOUS 7 Fans say that her two lines almost ruined the movie for them. She herself admitted to her lack of acting experience and with that horrible delivery, the lines could've been said by anyone else with minimal acting abilities. CRACKED

Universal Pictures


Watch me get ugly and scream at this guy.

CRACKED WTF CAMEOS DAVID BECKHAM KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD Не was featured to help launch his acting career, but became known as that guy who yelled, 'Oi, both hands!' In the most important part of the movie, we're distracted by the fact that it's David Beckham, not some grizzled day player.

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A writer gives himself the prolific writer role.

CRACKED WTF CAMEOS M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN LADY IN THE WATER The writer and director played a struggling author whose next book will inspire a kid to be the next president. Critics and fans called it completely self- indulgent, so giving the role to an actor might've helped calm that criticism.

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