12 Jerks Who Blessedly Broadcast Their Rock Bottom

Did they think we wanted to see ALL aspects of their lives?
12 Jerks Who Blessedly Broadcast Their Rock Bottom

Our rock bottom will most likely not be televised, but we know one thing’s for sure… It will be written about in one of these lists! Something like “15 Pizza Rolls That Made Us Say ’Enough’s Enough.” We don’t know, better people than us conjure up the titles. And we’re not the ones on trial here, okay?! If an actual trial was involved, this video and/or written evidence does not bode well for these drunken, racist, elitist celebrities.

They may have once been known for their work, but this singular piece of, well content we guess you could call it, is now one of the first things that pop up in a Google search. Try as they might, it’s near-impossible to take back a racist rant, a violent act, or the defense of sexual misconduct. So whether these once prominent figures blasted it out there themselves, or just didn’t care that cameras were rolling, we all got to witness the rock bottoms of these 12 jerks.

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