The 13 Best Sitcom Character Introductions

We learned a ton about these characters in their first scenes.
The 13 Best Sitcom Character Introductions

The genius of a sitcom’s creators and writers were subtly on display here, because we may not have known it at the time, but they managed to sum up some of the greatest  characters of all time in their very first scenes. Yes, the characters grew and evolved over the years, but their foundation was built on day one, and it made us want to follow along for years to come. They say that first impressions are lasting impressions, so when you think about it, why not make a splash right off the hop? It’s a comedy after all.

Usually they say, “leave them wanting more” about the end of a show’s run, but the same can be said for that first scene. Cus, let’s face it, if a show is giving us some fluff in the pilot in the hopes of saving the gold for a later date, they’re in deep trouble. The goal is to fill season after season of compelling characters, storylines, and (most importantly) jokes, so give up the goods, baby! Luckily for us, these ones gave us some golden characters right away, and they somehow got better and better. Let’s look back to where it all began with 13 of the best sitcom character introductions.

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A line so good they used it twice (to close out the series finale).

character introductions seinfeld Jerry seinfeld & George costanza Jerry's opening line, See, now to me, that button is in the worst possible spot sums up the entire show. A standup routine as conversation. A neurotic George gets paranoid that his coffee isn't decaf, then craves details about Jerry's dating life. CRACKED



Dildos and probes. From minute one.

character introductions south Park at cartman His first line, Yeah! Go home you little dildo! was shocking for a cartoon in 1997, and it told audiences everywhere that Cartman (and the show itself) was going to be crass. Then they quickly get into Cartman's anal probe by aliens. CRACKED

Comedy Central

If only he called someone a dumbass. Then we’d have it all!

character introductions That '70s show rid S Red Forman ACEC Kids Take Charge of The We meet Red behind his bar, asking Eric, What the hell happened to Bob's hair? His head looks like a poodle's ass. This shows Red's old world contempt for trendy '70s BS before he frightens Eric, then mentions being shot at by Japanese tanks. CRACKED



A veil of confidence masking a horribly awkward moment. Classic Michael.

character introductions The office Michael scott After Jim doesn't get the library sale, Michael cockily mugs to the camera like watch the master at work. Не gets the sale, but mistakes a woman for a man. A great intro to the character and the awkward tone the show would become known for. CRACKED


The Office/YouTube

“I’m better than all of you and I will have what I desire” - Jeff Winger.

character introductions community Jeff winger Не thinks he's better than this place right away, then ogles Britta. After Abed gives him valuable information about Britta, Winger's line, Abed, I see your value now is a great indicator of his dastardly selfishness. CRACKED



‘Schitt’s Creek’ wastes no time getting to Schitt’s Creek.

character introductions schitt's creek The Rose Family The FBI raids the Rose's mansion in the very first scene, and the very wealthy family loses it all. An accountant mentions that Johnny bought the town Schitt's Creek at the two minute mark, and before minute three, they arrive at the motel and are disgusted by it all. CRACKED

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation


You think it’s all jumbled chaos, but each line tells us a lot about each character.

character introductions Modern Family The Dunphys Phil is the chill dad, which annoys Claire, who is juggling it all. Haley is glued to her phone, fighting her mom to wear a short skirt, and a pseudo-parental Alex tells them Luke got his head stuck in the bannister again. That again tells us that Luke is a little slow. CRACKED

20th Century Television


We get to know Gob right away, and it’s hilarious.

character introductions Arrested Development Gob Bluth Perhaps his most well known, most-quoted line is his first line, Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a whore does for money. Even after the camera pans to the shocked children, he doubles down with, Or cocaine. CRACKED



We get to know the friends right away.

character introductions Friends The friends After joking about Monica's date, we see Ross after being left by Carole, Phoebe cleansing oras, Joey mentioning strip clubs, Chandler being quippy as hell, and Rachel entering in a wedding dress. All within 2.5 minutes. CRACKED

Warner Bros. Television


Throw in the slingshot, and you’ve got Bart Simpson.

character introductions The simpsons IEL Bart simpson Every kid in the late '80s/early '90s was singing, Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, the Batmobile broke its wheel, and the Joker got away. Bart sings this in his first scene, showing the world his don't have a cow, man attitude. CRACKED

20th Television

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