12 Celebrities Who Refused Medical Intervention

To Steve Jobs, an apple was a great logo (and a cure for cancer!)
12 Celebrities Who Refused Medical Intervention

Since the ’90s, we’ve associated celebrities with the spiritual, homeopathic, sudo-voodoo art of medical treatments. Not to knock it completely… We may not have accepted yoga, matcha, or acupuncture in the western world if it weren’t for the trendy hipster celebs of the past. And that’s all well and good, we’re all about some Eastern philosophy here and there… We’re just here to give “acupuncture as a cancer cure” a big ol’ eye roll. 

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What’s more surprising about these alternative treatments (or lack thereof) is that some of these cases were prominent figures in the tech and political worlds. In other cases, we learned pretty quickly that having a few hit movies or songs does not make you a trusted voice in medical science. Hmm, it almost seems like they’re totally different worlds with a totally different set of experts. Somebody tell these 12 celebrities who thought they knew better than medical experts, or just straight up refused medical intervention all together.

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