13 Mostly Diplomatic, Extremely Cathartic “F*** You”s From Historical Figures And Celebrities

13 Mostly Diplomatic, Extremely Cathartic “F*** You”s From Historical Figures And Celebrities

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Welcome to this list of thirteen famous people and groups who have stuck to their principles by turning down money or honors. It is a testament to the power of conviction and a reminder that no matter how much money or fame is on the table, sometimes it is more important to stay true to your beliefs.

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This list is comprised of some of the most influential people in history, from scientists and musicians to actors and activists. We look at the likes of Nikola Tesla and the Great Sioux Nation, who refused to accept money for their land, to Bill Watterson, who refused to monetize his beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. We also look at the many celebrities who have turned down honors from the Queen, and we admire the courage of those like Matthew Modine and Stephen Hawking, who have refused to compromise their principles for fame or fortune.

We hope that this list will inspire you to stand up for what you believe in and to stay true to your principles, no matter what. Enjoy.

No money? No problem.

CRACKED Calvin and HObbES by на Watterson Forewood 9 Garry Instead BILL WATTERSON said no to making money off of his comic Calvin and Hobbes, even though it could have earned him up to $400 million. Не spoke about the cheapening of comics and wanted to keep the work as it was, without tarnishing its image.

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Scott snubs award.

CRACKED I GEORGE C. SCOTT refused the Best Actor Oscar for Patton. Не called the award ceremony a two- hour meat parade, thatis a public display with contrived suspense for economic reasons, and asked to be taken off the nominee list (unsuccessfully, obviously).

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"Too simplistic" for Modine.

CRACKED MATTHEW MODINE turned down Top Gun. Не explained (much later) that it seemed like there were a lot of movies that were just pointing the finger at Russia and saying they were the bad guys. I think it's too simplistic to do that.

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Snubbing the Establishment.

CRACKED JIM BROADBENT on turning down the Order of the British Empire: I'm not that comfortable with actors receiving honors, partly because I think they ought to go to those who really help others. Besides, I like the idea of actors not being part of the Establishment.

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